Why Is My Tax Code 1282L? | Huuti (2023)

Tax codes are assigned by the HMRC in view of the incomes and circumstances of individuals eligible for tax payments. Through this article, we will mainly focus on the eligibility criteria

and application of the 1282L tax code. However, we will also discuss how tax codes are calculated, the nature of incomes that are taxed and those that are tax-free.

Why Is My Tax Code 1282L?

The 1282L tax code indicates that you have been granted a tax relief by HMRC due to the work from home nature of your employment since the onset of the pandemic.

The reason for this tax relief is to help individuals adjust for the increased expenses that they would have incurred as a result of increased heating, internet usage and electricity bills while working from home. However, this relief applies only to individuals who have been asked by their employers to work from home and have not personally chosen to do so.

Benefitting from this tax rebate, nearly four million people have claimed a tax rebate so far in the UK. If you have not applied as yet, the 1282L tax code can also be applied for backdated relief to 2021.

If you have not been assigned a 1282L tax code but you think you may qualify for it due to your working conditions, you can confirm this by checking the eligibility criteria:

  • you were asked to work from home by your employer and did not opt to do so on your own.
  • you have incurred additional costs as compared to your usual bills due to working from home (you may need to show proof of this)
  • you are not receiving any form of additional work from home support from your employer to cover these costs
  • you are not paying taxes through self-assessment (you need to apply for the tax relief in your tax return)

Claimants are able to receive up to a £125 reduction in their tax bill when they are assigned a1282l tax code This estimate is based on the following calculations:

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  • Tax relief of 20% on £6 = £1.20 a week = £62 per year for basic-rate taxpayers
  • Tax relief of 40% on £6 = £2.40 a week = £125 per year for higher-rate taxpayers

It is interesting to note that it is not essential for you to be a full-time employee or work from home on daily basis to make a tax relief claim. Even if you work from home once a week, you can apply for it.

You may claim-working-from-home-tax-relief as long as you fulfil the eligibility criteria and have evidential documents to support your claim.

What Are Tax Codes?

Tax codes are a combination of letters and numbers that determine the amount of income tax due on an individual. While the letters indicate your financial position and how it relates to your personal allowance, the numbers tell your employer or pension provider the amount of tax-free income that you are eligible for in that tax year.

For instance, 1257L (currently the most common 2021-22 tax code in the UK) refers to the new Personal Allowance rate for 2021-22, which is £12,570 and the letter “L” indicates that the individual is entitled to this amount of tax-free income. Any taxes that are to be charged will be above additional amounts beyond this figure.

You can check your income tax calculations online through the HM Revenue and Customs website. If you are employed in more than one job, you will have to conduct multiple calculations to have an estimate for income tax deductions for each source of earnings.

How Are Tax Codes Calculated?

The following steps are followed by the authorities while assigning tax codes:

  • Step 1: Your tax allowances are calculated. In most cases, this is an individual’s personal allowance added to any other allowances and job expenses.
  • Step 2: Your deductions are calculated. These are incomes for which tax has not been paid and may include any part-time work or certain state benefits.
  • Step 3: The deductions are subtracted from the tax allowances. The result is your pre-tax income. If this amount equals personal allowance, your income remains tax-free.

If you don’t know your tax code, you can find it through any of the below-listed documents:

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  • Payslip
  • P45 form
  • P60
  • PAYE coding notice
  • Pension advice slip
  • HMRC website

Why Can’t I Calculate My Income Tax Online?

In case of any of the following conditions, you will not be able to conduct an online calculation for your income tax calculation:

  • the applicant is not a pay as you earn (PAYE) taxpayer
  • the applicant’s sole source of income is either through self-employment or state benefits
  • the applicant contributes to a pension scheme through their employer
  • the applicant is currently repaying a student loan

How Much Income Tax Do I Have To Pay?

Incomes above the minimum cap are taxed at an incremental rate of 20 per cent to 45 per cent depending on whether an individual belongs to the basic, higher or additional tax rate band. Below are details of these bands:

  • 0 per cent income tax when income is up to £12,570
  • 20 per cent income tax when income is between £12,571 and £50,270
  • 40 per cent income tax when income is between £50,271 and £150,000
  • 45 per cent income tax when income is above £150,001

If you are self-employed, you are required to file a self-employed tax return to pay your taxes through a self-assessment.

How Can I Calculate Bonus Tax?

You can calculate the amount of tax that you pay on your salary bonus in the same way that the tax on your monthly income is calculated. Therefore, salaried individuals pay income tax and national insurance on a bonus as they would on a regular income. The reason for this is that when employees receive a bonus in the UK, it is treated in the same way as their income when it comes to tax calculations.

This means that if you earn £30,000 a year and are classified as a basic rate taxpayer, you will be paying 20% tax and 12% national insurance on incomes in excess of £12,570. If you get a bonus of £3,000, you will still be paying 20% tax and 12% national insurance on this as well.

Sometimes the bonus that you earn may raise the level of your tax bracket which means that incomes (salary plus bonus) below a certain threshold will be taxed at a separate rate, while those in excess of the minimum limit will be taxed at a higher rate.

Which Incomes Are Tax-Free?

Incomes derived from any of the following sources are considered to be tax-free in the UK:

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  • Transport costs of an employee’s (and their immediate family) relocation for work in the UK
  • Winnings from games, pool betting, lotteries or competitions with prizes
  • Long service employee awards (certain limitations apply)
  • Individual savings account amounting to £20,000
  • Incomes such as interest or dividends arising from savings accounts
  • Pensions paid to war widows and dependents
  • Social security and state benefits include maternity allowance, employment and support allowance, attendance allowance, child tax credit and housing benefit.

Who Collects Tax Revenues In The UK?

The HMRC collects and administers tax collection in the UK. HMRC administers the following central taxes while local governments collect council tax:

  • Income tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Insurance premium tax
  • Stamp, land, and petroleum revenue taxes
  • Environmental taxes
  • Climate change and aggregates levy and landfill tax
  • Value-Added Tax
  • Customs duty
  • Excise duties


The 1282L tax code may be considered as a temporary tax code and will remain applicable until employees are asked to work from home by their employers. It has been widely used throughout the UK since the onset of the covid -19 pandemic to provide tax relief to individuals who have to bear additional expenses such as additional heating, electricity, internet and even work-related phone calls during this time. This and other tax codes are calculated by HMRC keeping in view individuals’ incomes, benefits and allowances. Should there be a change in any circumstance, it will be reflected by a change in one’s tax code.

FAQs: Why Is My Tax Code 1282L?

Why is my tax code 1185L?

The 1185L tax code indicates that the individual has returned to work in the middle of the tax term or after a career break. Due to this reason, their tax-free personal allowance would have been building up, which makes them eligible for a reduced tax rate due to the cumulative nature of this code.

Why has my tax code been reduced?

Your tax code may be reduced due to a number of reasons including receiving a state pension, owing to tax payments from previous years, receiving rental incomes (which are received directly and may need to be taxed on estimates)

Is the tax code changing in 2021?

Tax codes, eligibility criteria for tax codes as well as tax relief have remained the same during the 2021-2022 tax year. However, deductions have been adjusted to account for inflation. However, due to the work from home nature of certain jobs due to the covid-19 pandemic, certain tax codes were changed by the HMRC and individuals were assigned the 1282L tax code.

Why has HMRC changed my tax code?

The HMRC changed your tax code if there has been a change in your income that affects your deductions or if there has been a change in your working conditions or perhaps you have now retired from the workforce and are now receiving state pension.

Is 1185L an emergency tax code?

Yes, 1185L is an emergency tax code, which also happens to be the basic PAYE tax code for employees. It indicates that the individual has a basic personal allowance of £11,850 for the year.

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What tax code is 125 L? ›

They would add the code “L” which stands for an employee that's entitled to the standard tax-free personal allowance and you would get the tax code 1250L. The tax code 1250L was the most commonly used tax code in the UK in the tax years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. After 2021, the tax code changed from 1250L to 1257L.

What is a 1257L non-cumulative tax code? ›

A tax code with an "M1" suffix, such as tax code 1257L M1, is used when your tax is calculated on a non-cumulative or "Month 1" basis. This means that the tax calculation is performed independently for each month without considering the tax paid in previous months.

What is the meaning tax code? ›

What Is a Tax Code? A tax code is a law that prescribes the levies imposed by a government on individuals, businesses, other entities and on transactions, such as property sales, that are subject to its jurisdiction, to fund its operations.

What is tax code 1185L? ›

' section below. The 1185L code is usually applied on a cumulative basis. This means that your tax position is recalculated each pay day using total pay to date and free-pay to date during the tax year. As a result, variations in income between months are averaged out.

What does a tax code with an L mean? ›

The most frequently used letters are as follows: L is the most common letter on tax codes. This means that you qualify for the normal tax free personal allowance. M indicates that 10% of your spouse's personal allowance has been transferred to you by the Marriage Allowance transfer.

What is IRS dependency code L? ›

Code L on the Federal Information Worksheet means that the dependent lived with the taxpayer.

Does 1257L pay tax? ›

Tax code 1257L

It's used for most people with one job and no untaxed income, unpaid tax or taxable benefits (for example a company car). 1257L is an emergency tax code only if followed by 'W1', 'M1' or 'X'. Emergency codes can be used if a new employee does not have a P45.

Why am I on a non cumulative tax code? ›

Non-cumulative tax codes (W1 or M1)

The tax due on each payment is determined without taking into account any tax you've already paid this year or how much of your personal allowance has been used. In other words, it only looks at an isolated view of that period.

What is tax code 1257L deductions? ›

What Is Tax Code 1257L? The personal allowance is the amount a UK taxpayer can earn tax free. For the tax year 2023/24 the personal allowance remains at £12,570. HMRC convert the personal allowance of £12,570 and turn it into tax code 1257L.

What is the 6 digit code for taxes? ›

An Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) is a six-digit number that prevents someone else from filing a tax return using your Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. The IP PIN is known only to you and the IRS. It helps us verify your identity when you file your electronic or paper tax return.

What is the tax code 150? ›

Code 150 indicates that your tax return has been processed and added to the IRS's main file. You will receive a refund in the event your tax liability turns out to be less than you anticipated.

How do I read my tax transcript code? ›

Once you've pulled up your tax transcript, scroll down to the TRANSACTIONS section of the document. There you'll find a column labeled CYCLE that will provide your IRS cycle code. The cycle code's numbers are made up of the year, week of the year, and day of the week, in that order.

What is 1150L tax? ›

1150L is a cumulative tax code, which means that if you return to work after a break or if you start working part-way through the tax year, your tax-free personal allowance will have been building up and you may pay less tax for a while.

Why is my tax code 1100L? ›

What Does 1100L Mean? Tax code 1100L is the most common tax code assigned to individuals. It is considered the normal tax code, and means that you fall under the basic rate of tax.

What does tax code 810L mean? ›

The personal allowance is translated to a tax code by dividing by 10 followed by a letter and so a person entitled to the basic personal allowance will have a tax code of 810L.

What is a tax authorization code? ›

A CAF number is a unique nine-digit identification number and is assigned the first time you file a third party authorization with IRS. A letter is sent to you informing you of your assigned CAF number. Use your assigned CAF number on all future authorizations.

What are the tax brackets for 2023? ›

The 2023 tax year—the return you'll file in 2024—will have the same seven federal income tax brackets as the 2022-2023 season: 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% and 37%. Your filing status and taxable income, including wages, will determine the bracket you're in.

What is non coded income? ›

Non-coded income is usually a figure from a previous years Self Assessment, if that figure is incorrect you can request that it is removed.

Is Schedule L on tax basis? ›

Schedule L - Book Basis

The Schedule L should be prepared on the accounting basis the business entity uses for its books and records. There are situations when the books are prepared on a different basis than the tax return.

Is a Schedule L required? ›

If the corporation's total receipts for the tax year AND total assets at the end of the tax year less than $250,000, Schedules L and M-1 are not required.

Why does IRS keep rejecting my return? ›

Some common culprits that could cause a rejection are mismatched names, SSNs, employer EINs, electronic signature numbers, or an expired TIN. Another action to take is to file your return early. This gives identity theft criminals less time to file a fraudulent return using your information.

How much is 1257L? ›

The below table breaks down various tax rates and corresponding income slabs for financial years 2023/24 and 2022/23. HMRC converted the personal allowance of £12,570 and turned it into tax code 1257L. So, to sum up, if you have a tax code 1257L it means that you can earn £12,570 before you pay tax.

What is the difference between tax code 1257L and S1257L? ›

Different rates around the UK

There are different tax rates for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and how much you pay will be dependent on where you live and how much you earn. A standard tax code in England is 1257L, Scotland will be S1257L and Wales will be C1257L.

Is paying employees a tax write off? ›

You can write off employee wages you paid throughout the year. You can also deduct employer contributions you made to employee benefits. Don't: Claim more than the 2% rule on employee expenses. Employee costs are allowable business expenses that fall under miscellaneous deductions.

What's the difference between cumulative and non cumulative tax? ›

This means that tax is calculated on the gross pay earned in the current pay period only. Whereas, a cumulative tax code will assess an employee's total gross pay for the tax year against the current point in the tax year to calculate the tax due.

What is the IRS code for accumulated earnings tax? ›

According to Internal Revenue Code (IRC) §535, accumulated taxable income is generally calculated as follows: taxable income, minus the sum of the dividends paid deduction and the accumulated earnings credit.

What is cumulative income? ›

This means that each pay day, all earnings and all tax credits from 1 January of that year are accumulated.

How much income tax should I pay UK? ›

Income Tax rates and bands
BandTaxable incomeTax rate
Personal AllowanceUp to £12,5700%
Basic rate£12,571 to £50,27020%
Higher rate£50,271 to £125,14040%
Additional rateover £125,14045%

How do you change your tax code UK? ›

In most cases, HMRC will automatically update your tax code when your income changes. They'll usually get this information from your employer. If HMRC has the wrong information about your income, you may be given an incorrect tax code. To correct your tax code, make sure HMRC has up-to-date details about your income.

Is code 768 a refund? ›

The IRS code 768 is a transaction code that can be found on your tax transcript indicating the tax refund amount you will be receiving due to the Earned Income Tax Credit. Tax refunds are issued when a person overpaid their taxes throughout the year, such as when an employer withholds too much in taxes.

What is a 5 digit code taxes? ›

The Self-Select PIN (Personal Identification Number) method allows taxpayers to electronically sign their e-filed return by using a 5-digit PIN as their signature. Where do I get my PIN? You create your own PIN. You do not register the PIN with the IRS before filing or need to contact the IRS to get it.

How do I get a 5 digit code from the IRS? ›

To get an IP PIN that is lost, forgotten, or never arrived in a CP01A Notice, use the IP PIN request portal at IRS.gov. If you can't access your IP PIN online, call (800) 908-4490 for help getting your IP PIN reissued. Don't file your tax return without your IP PIN.

What is code 806? ›

Area code 806 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the U.S. state of Texas in the Panhandle and South Plains, including the cities of Amarillo and Lubbock.

What is the code 766? ›

Code 766 means that you have a credit on your account, which might be the result of a refund, an overpayment from a previous year, or a credit from the current year's return. In any case, it means that your tax liability has been reduced.

What is 766 tax code? ›

What does IRS Transaction Code 766 mean? When you see IRS Transaction Code (TC) 766 on your tax transcript, this means that a tax credit has been transferred to your tax account. The credit might be the result of a refund, payment, or other tax credit from the current or previous year(s).

Does code 150 mean I owe money? ›

Does code 150 mean I owe the IRS? No. A Code 150 means that your return has been processed and added to the IRS master file. Your tax liability has been established, but if the liability is negative, then you will receive a refund.

What is the tax code 922? ›

The IRS inserts flags into a taxpayer's account transcript showing that a taxpayer filed a tax return with unreported income. They use Code 922. The IRS sends a CP2000 notice six months after they add code 922 to the account transcript.

What is code 846 on IRS transcript 2023? ›

An IRS Code 846 on your transcript means that the IRS has issued you a refund for your tax return. You can use the cycle code to determine the approximate date that you will receive your refund, or you can use the Where's My Refund tool to get a more accurate date. What is IRS Code 846? When Will My Refund Arrive?

What is the highest tax level? ›

The U.S. currently has seven federal income tax brackets, with rates of 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% and 37%. If you're one of the lucky few to earn enough to fall into the 37% bracket, that doesn't mean that the entirety of your taxable income will be subject to a 37% tax. Instead, 37% is your top marginal tax rate.

What is tax code 1151l M1? ›

So, what if your tax code is 1150L-W1 or 1150L-M1? Having W1 or M1 attached to your code means it is a non-cumulative tax code. The tax due on each payment is therefore determined without taking into account any tax you've already paid this year, or how much of your tax-free personal allowance has been used.

What is the largest tax code? ›

The question is: why does the UK have the longest tax code in the world? The Hong Kong tax code, widely held by tax lawyers to be the most admirably efficient in the world, is 276 pages long. The British tax code, rapidly beginning to look like the most disingenuous in the world, is currently in excess of 17,000 pages.

Why has my tax code changed from M to L? ›

L – You are entitled to the standard tax-free personal allowance. M – For an employee whose spouse or civil partner has transferred 10 per cent of their personal allowance. N – You have transferred 10 per cent of your personal allowance to your spouse or civil partner.

How has Biden changed the tax code? ›

Biden tax proposals would increase taxes on the wealthy, expand tax credits for workers and families with children. President Biden's fiscal year 2024 budget includes a set of proposals that would reverse many of the TCJA's tax cuts for the wealthy and reform how the tax code treats income from unrealized gains.

What does tax code 840 mean? ›

A manual refund, transaction code (TC) 840, is a refund that is not generated through normal Master File processing (TC 846).

What is the tax code 1131N? ›

1131N is a common tax code for people who have taken advantage of the Marriage Allowance for the 2023/24 tax year.

What is California Revenue and Taxation code Section 126 from West's 2007? ›

Section 126. 126. “Tax-defaulted property” is real property which is subject to a lien for taxes which, by operation of law and by declaration of the tax collector, are in default and from which the lien of the taxes for which it was declared tax-defaulted has not been removed.

What is the tax code S1250L? ›

S1250L is a cumulative tax code, which means that if you return to work after a break or if you start working part-way through the tax year, your tax-free personal allowance will have been building up and you may pay less tax for a while.

What does code 125 mean on w2? ›

125 is the grand total of all your pre-tax deductions EXCEPT annuities. 2022. W-2 FAQs. Commonly asked questions about information on the W-2.

What is tax box 14 code 125? ›

IRC125 for pretax benefit programs: This code is for payroll deductions covered under the IRS Code Section 125 for flexible spending account programs.

What does s125 tax code mean? ›

A section 125 plan is the only means by which an employer can offer employees a choice between taxable and nontaxable benefits without the choice causing the benefits to become taxable. A plan offering only a choice between taxable benefits is not a section 125 plan.


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